Neighborhood Guide

heart of the city

The heart of Tel Aviv, like other major cities in the world, offers the essence of the urban experience at its best – vibrant and lively. This is the Lev Ha’ir neighborhood, which is located in the heart of Tel Aviv. This area is characterized by residential buildings in the eclectic style, most of which were built in the 1930s and 1940s.
Sheinkin Street, which begins at Magen David Square, the intersection of Allenby Streets Nahalat Binyamin and King George in the direction of the Carmel Market and up to Dizengoff Street marks the vibrant and lively heart of the first Hebrew city. Here everything happens: the combination of old and new, young  and mainly lively. Here you can connect to everything interesting: fashion, culture, culinary, music and entertainment centers 24/7. Alongside it alleys and quiet little streets, immersed in green and hidden between gardens allow anyone to find what he wants and enjoy the plesure of living in the urban heart of Tel Aviv.
In recent years, the neighborhood has been characterized by a momentum of renewal and preservation of historical buildings of precious architectural value. Many buildings in the heart of the city were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO as part of the “White City” project.
We will be happy to offer you a variety of “architectural pearls”: boutique apartments, preservation buildings, luxury penthouses marketed by us in the magical neighborhood of downtown Tel Aviv.

לב העיר

Bialik Street


Neve Tzedek

The first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa was founded in the late 19th century. It is bordered to the north by the heart of the city and to the west by the sea shore from t south to Jaffa and east of the Florentine neighborhood. Represents in its unique character all the qualities that can be sought from living in the city. On the one hand, the neighborhood is characterized by low construction, picturesque alleys, meticulous preservation buildings, European atmosphere and a focus of culture and culinary culture alongside historical art and values. At the same time, it is a quiet and perfect family residence, providing proximity and accessibility to all the strategic areas of the city.
Neve Tzedek was nicknamed “Little Paris” and for good reason – the new spirit that has visited the neighborhood since the 80s caused the rise of the value of properties in the neighborhood and made it most desirable. For lovers of the romantic atmosphere, this is the perfect place.
We will be happy to take you on a tour of impressions in the beautiful neighborhood, absorb some of the charm and uniqueness and offer you a variety of boutique apartments.

נווה צדק

Suzan Dalal, Neve Tzedek


by the beach

To live in front of the horizon of the beach, to see sunsets from the window and to breathe clean sea air, which of us does not dream of a window to the Mediterranean? Apartments on th first line to the sea will always be a valuable asset that will only improve over time
The city of Tel Aviv, built along 14 kilometers of beaches, offers a variety of beachfront options, from vacation apartments, boutique apartments and residential towers to stunning penthouses with breathtaking blue views.
From the port of Jaffa in the south through the new promenade, the cafes on the beach, the terraces and the hotels through the legendary Gordon pool and the Tel Aviv port in the north – provide a variety of options for exclusive residences, just steps away from the beach.
Come see the selection of luxury apartments in the towers spread along the Tel Aviv coastline to fulfill a dream and open the morning in front of the sea.

על הים

View of Tel-Aviv beech


Rothschild boulevard

Like every worthy city in the world, the White City also presents a thriving main artery. Rothschild Boulevard – an international architectural gem, is a central, lively and wide axis that offers a wide variety of recreation options and attractions.

Rothschild Boulevard, which begins in the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood, crosses the beating heart of the city and leads to the high-quality H’abima area. A wealth of culture, culinary and entertainment: galleries, art, cafes, and restaurants are spread out along the broad green avenue, adorned with stunning buildings of historical architectural and real estate value.
Over the past two decades, as part of the recognition of the uniqueness of the boulevard over its priceless architectural assets, Rothschild Boulevard has undergone a renewal and construction boost. On both sides of Rothschild Boulevard, there is a fascinating urban combination: impressive historical buildings that were preserved and restored alongside prestigious residential towers that enable an exclusive and quality residential experience within the urban center of the White City. Along the avenue there are many chic shops, quality restaurants and cafes that allow you to sit comfortably and enjoy the heartbeat of the city’s main boulevard
 I will be happy to take you on a tour of Rothschild Boulevard, to drink quality espresso in one of the many cafes, and to be impressed by the unique properties I have to offer you in the most prestigious streets of Tel Aviv.

Rothschild Boulevard


The ancient port city on the Mediterranean coast, a strategic asset for thousands of years, was consolidated in 1949 with Tel Aviv and has since become one of the most unique and colorfu city squares. From the dawn of the Bible, Jaffa has an economic and cultural value, and its perfect location served as fertile ground for commercial and cultural development, and some say its name is “Yapu” – meaning beautiful, and indeed many songs commemorate its breathtaking beauty.
In recent years, Jaffa has undergone a real revolution. Like the centers of ancient cities around the world (Rome, Barcelona, ​​Paris, and many others), recognition of its rare historical uniqueness led to a wave of development, renovation and construction of new infrastructures. The parts of the neighborhood have been redefined and have been preserved and restored. The flea market has become a unique gem. The opportunity to live in historic buildings is charming, breathtaking architectural beauty and at the same time the experience of the authenticity, smells and colors of an ancient city that is thousands of years old. Its markets and alleyways are a magnet for a diverse population that wants to live in a unique location. all these create a magnet for investors from all over the world. Jaffa, like cities of historical value all over the world allows luxury accommodation. Those who understand have already identified the value of the perfect location. If you, have a wish to live among the pages of history under high quality and luxury conditions, I invite you to be impressed by the unique and captivating properties I have to offer in the special and historic neighborhood of Jaffa.



The Old North

This part of Tel Aviv that was built in the 1930s and 1940s. Will be mostly settled by an affluent population.
The original area is defined on the border between the Yarkon River in the north, Ben Gurion Boulevard in the south, the sea to the west and the eastern Ibn Gvirol Street.
The urban fabric of the Old North is unique: building style and architectural design have gained worldwide recognition as part of the “White City”. The many treasures in this urban area include, among other things, the newly renovated Dizengoff Square. The Yarkon Park – the largest green lung in the city provides endless opportunities for spaces, sports activities and an open and natural landscape. Tel Aviv’s colorful, most invested port in Israel offers endless entertainment, dining and activity around the clock, and of course the Tel Aviv beaches that delineate the old north from the west.
The combination of a natural green landscape and quiet little streets, many educational institiutions  and amusement parks on the way to turn the Old North into a favorite area for families. In addition this is one of the vibrant entertainment areas.
In recent years, the construction boost has not bypassed the Old North Quarter. Today you can choose from a variety of living styles: from boutique apartments designed in the quiet alleys of the Old North to luxurious apartments in innovative towers such as the Assuta Tower, Remez Tower, Infinity Tower, Be’erry Nehardea Towers.
Are you interested in this quiet and high-quality area of ​​Tel Aviv? I will be happy to go out with you on a non-binding tour, in order to be impressed by the offer of exclusive apartments that the old North has to offer.

The Old North