The “Villa Rothschild” Project

 The “Villa Rothschild” project is an icon located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s main boulevard, which includes two unusual six-story buildings with a unique and historic villa for restoration and preservation: Beit Awad – one of Tel Aviv’s old heritage and one of the most impressive properties of the boulevard. The buildings in the “Villa Rothschild” project are characterized by the exceptional architectural design of the architects’ firm Gidi Bar-Orian, known for its exceptional expertise in projects that combine conservation and restoration with modernity and technology. The reconstructed Beit Awad will return to its status as a classic urban city. The two buildings next to the villa will produce a limited number of modern urban villas. Each of them stretches over an entire floor, with windows facing the boulevard and the house of Awad. The apartments are particularly spacious and have rich specifications, luxurious luxury and meticulous and breathtaking design that the architects of Paritzky-Liani trust. The tenants of the Villa Rothschild project will enjoy convenient services available at all times: 24-hour security, high-quality maintenance services, a personal home that handles residents’ requests and concierge services. Each building has an intimate lobby and is open 24/7. Each apartment has a private storage room and several parking spaces. A shared wine room with private refrigeration rooms for each apartment.
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