Luxurious duplex in the heart of the city

The house is built on two floors,living room, Mamad (safe room) and a master suite that includes shower and toilet + bathroom and separate toilet. Second floor includes a room on the roof + kitchenette + shower and toilet + swimming pool + open roof.
· There is a smart electrical system in the house to control the entire house.
· A heated swimming pool made of bright transparent glass, extra light.
• The roof area in the pool area is paved with a thin timber-type wood (Timber, plastic, sun-resistant).
· Special pool lighting that allows the pool water to be painted in any shade of color.
· Small smart TVs to control lighting and home lighting switches instead of manual switches.
· A sophisticated audio system that includes speakers immersed in the ceiling of the house both in the living room of the apartment, in the TV room (the room on the roof) of the apartment and in the bedroom, the audio system is controlled by smart signs and control angles and control from the ceiling, so that the whole system is invisible and controlled by one sign (IPad).
· Outdoor TV on the roof covered with glass, a 50-inch television set in the exterior wall of the house, on the roof of the pool, standing in water and sun, impervious to all weather and impenetrable water.
· The house is sold with 50-inch TVs in the living room and TV room + and a 32-inch TV in the kitchen.
· Electrical outlets of Italian company Betocini Novo.
· 90 x 90 Kristin marble flooring + panels in the entire apartment.
· The house includes two kitchens, main and central floor downstairs + kitchenette in the roof room, as well as preparations of gas and water systems for outdoor kitchen and grill.
· Corian marble and sink combined as a single unit both in the kitchen of the house and in the kitchenette located in the TV room on the second floor and in the bath integrated as a single unit.
• Faucets in the sinks of the Italian company Bossiini with LED lighting + faucets of the Italian company agape without lighting.
· Free standing sink by Italian designer Antonio Luffy in the bedroom shower.
• A kitchen of the German company of Symatik from Bolthaup, which includes an island and a counter in the center of the Corian stone kitchen.
· The house is paved with cameras in all the rooms of the house + roof and swimming pool + cameras for parking and entrance in the building.
· An advanced alarm system throughout the house, including smoke detectors, glass fragments detectors and volume detectors.
· Advanced intercom system with color TV and touch screen.
· A sophisticated air-conditioning system of the Mitsubishi type, including 2 evaporators.
• Unique service openings for the Wynn Hart air conditioners.
Belgian metal profile in windows throughout the apartment.
· The shower room is in ultra-light glass walls. An electric curtain is attached to the shower seal.
· The house also includes black shades of Oregon for shade and light for the home both in the living room window and in the bedroom.
· Wooden shutters in the kitchen windows and an electric shutter in the living room of the apartment.
· Upper shower There is an electric chemical glass that changes the color of the color by an electric push of a button.
· The house is sold with all the required electrical appliances from the German mille. (Electric appliances will include: refrigerator and freezer in separate units, washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, microwave oven, 92 cm black ceramic cooker and steam receptacle hanging on steel cables without chimney) .
· Unique lighting fixtures, ceiling-mounted and ceiling-mounted for the whole house, custom-made and imported from Italy.
· Doors in bedrooms and bathrooms are combined with frosted glass with hidden hinges of Pandor.
· The entrance door to the Hermetic company’s house, with a unique multi-lock lock. With independent locking when closing the door.
· The shower rooms feature a unique Spanish plaster, waterproof in a gentle gray shade.
· Clear skylite glass in the apartment’s interior staircase, which illuminates the whole stairwell.
• Wardrobe in the bedrooms include removable equipment from special stainless steel drawers and drawers in removable hinges and special ironing systems of “Yad Pirzul” company, all by invitation and customization.
More details about the property
Property type: Duplex
Location: The heart of the city
Property # 905
Price: 10.350.000
Available immediately
  • Property Details
    Size: 120 sqm + 70 sqm balconies
    Rooms: 4
    Bathrooms: 2
    More details:
    |Luxury |HIGH END | Fully equipped and furnished |Private Pool| Elevator| Double parking
Details of the building
More details:
| Boutique| Elevator| Parking spaces| Excellent location in the heart of the city| A quiet street in the center of the city
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