Apartment Management

Our office offers high quality management and maintenance services to our clients in Tel Aviv

Short- or long-term rental

  • Quick and efficient detection of tenants according to the demands and expectations of the property owner
  • A thorough examination of the tenants and the demand for appropriate guarantees and collateral.
  • Responding to tenant complaints and ongoing handling of all malfunctions and maintenance problems.
  • Achieving significantly reduced prices from professionals.
  • Regular and consistent collection of rental fees.
  • Monitoring of events in the field and attention to violations, mishaps and changes in the leased property

Apartment Management  

 For our clients who own vacation apartments  we offer full management and maintenance services

  • The service includes preparing the apartment according to their request prior to arrival
  • Handling current accounts for complete maintenance when absent
  • Other services on request


For more information and to receive an offer please call us at 03-7172077 or by e-mail: Info@kampinski.co.il