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for sale
  • penthouse
  • heart of the city
  • Price - 12,000,000
  •   Property # 256
  • Size 184 sqm + 111 sqm balconies
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for sale
  • Duplex
  • heart of the city
  • price - P.O.R
  •   Property # 905
  • Size 120 sqm + 70 sqm roof terrace
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for sale
  • Apartment
  • The Old north
  • Price - 6,700,000 NIS
  • Property # 436
  • Size - 105 sqm + 14 sqm balcony
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for sale
  • Luxury apartment
  • The Old North
  • Price - 17.000.000 NIS
  • Property # 373
  • Size - 196 sqm + 37 sqm balcony
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דירת גן חדשה בלב העיר תל אביב
for sale
  • Penthouse apartment
  • In the heart
  • 16000,000 NIS
  • Property # 337
  • Size - 152 sqm 161 sqm balconies
  • available: 2020
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Kampinski Real Estate is a boutique business located in 22 Rothschild Boulevard, specializing in advice, marketing and sale of unique, luxurious properties throughout Tel Avis. Our expertise is expressed in the characteristics of the properties that we market: quality apartments in luxury towers, new projects, boutique apartments, classic Bauhaus buildings and unique apartments located in buildings of great architectural value throughout the “White City”.

Kampinski Real Estate was founded by Ze’evi Kampinski, aged 47, married with three children, who has lived in the heart of the city for the past 25 years.

Ze’evi, who holds a real estate license from the Ministry of Justice, has in the last decade achieved a well-known reputation in the marketing and sale of luxury properties, while matching them to the needs of the clients. The combination of an authentic love of Tel Aviv and life there, excellent inter-personal relations and an extensive knowledge of the quality real estate market in the city, has resulted in many successful deals.

Ze’evi’s advice is given very discretely and ensures an optimal solution to the client’s needs and requirements, while utilizing a wide network of personal contacts in Israel and around the world. Ze’evi specializes in personalized work with each client, developing an interpersonal relationship in order to understand their exact needs, expectations and aspirations. Through the use of this work platform, Kampinski Real Estate supplies an exact, quality and rapid solution for its exclusive clientele. The advice and guidance that Kampinski Real Estate offers is comprehensive and integrated, and includes everything that is involved in closing a real estate deal: legal mediation, licensing, taxation, appraisal, property management,  architecture and interior design.

In order to get an impression of the office’s range of exclusive properties, and to arrange for a preliminary meeting, please contact us.